Hay Fever Bundle- Bless You Tea and Anti Allergy Balm



Package includes The Purbeck Apothecary Bless You Tea and Herbal Anti Allergy Barrier Balm.
Two essential products for hay fever and allergic rhinitis sufferers.

Herbal Anti Allergy Barrier Balm is made from solar infused Plantago lanceolata (ribwort) extra virgin organic olive oil and beeswax with a little vitamin E.

Ribwort is a fabulous herb used to strengthen mucous membranes and so perfect to use to protect the nasal passages and delicate eye membranes.

Apply around edge of nostrils and eye socket (avoid getting in the eyes as will cause blurred vision). This will trap a large proportion of allergens such as dust, pet dander and pollen and help to reduce the allergenic load. Combine with Bless You Tea which will help you cope with allergies also for a great safe and natural remedy for hay fever and other allergies.

Olea europaea

Vitamin E

15ml in an aluminium pot.

Bless You Tea: Nettle, Ribwort, Eyebright, Ground Ivy, Marigold, Peppermint 40g

I include Nettle for its anti histamine and anti inflammatory properties. It’s also highly nutritious and at any time when your immune system is over active it’s good to ensure you’re getting plenty of nutrients. There is also Eyebright to help tone and soothe those delicate eye membranes and Ground¬†Ivy to help clear and move the mucus. Peppermint to open the airways and as an anti viral to ward off opportunistic invaders. Ribwort for longer term toning and strengthening of the mucus membranes. And last but not least some Marigold flowers for their anti inflammatory action.



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