Lemon Balm and Liquorice Lip Balm


Liquorice and Lemon Balm infused organic extra virgin olive oil blended with beeswax, lemon balm essential oil and vitamin E.

15ml in an aluminium pot.

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Olive oil is infused with lemon balm and liquorice and left in sunshine for over a month to make the base oil for this lip balm. Liquorice is anti inflammatory and anti viral and Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) is anti viral and specifically against the herpes virus which causes cold sores.It is then blended with beeswax and lemon balm essential oil to make the finished lip balm.

Melissa officinalis folia and essential oil

Glycyrrhiza glabra radix

Olea europaea

Vitamin E

15ml in an aluminium pot.


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