Roman Joint Salve – 30ml

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Nettle seed and Rosemary are infused into olive oil and then melted into beeswax to make a soothing balm for aching joints.

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30ml Nettle seed, Rosemary, Beeswax, Olive Oil and Vitamin E

I make this balm the same way the Romans did using an ancient recipe from Dioscorides, a famous Greek physician who was employed to tend to the Roman army. The only difference as far as I am aware is that I add vitamin E as a preservative.

The herbs are infused into olive oil and then melted into beeswax. The images below show the individual  herbs infusing in the oil in sunlight, this step of the process takes 3 to 4 weeks.

2 reviews for Roman Joint Salve – 30ml

  1. Jane Gladding

    I bought this Roman Joint Salve as I have arthritic hands which following everyday chores can be quite painful and keep me awake at night. Thinking that it was worth a try, am really delighted to report that it has been hugely beneficial giving me a pain free nights sleep. Plus has made the following days dexterity much improved, I’ve also started using on arthritic toe joint too! thank you!

  2. Jane Gladding

    Thyme & Liquorice Syrup is the only thing that has stopped me coughing through the night following a nasty sinus infection. A small amount sipped slowly has worked wonders, I’ve just collected my second bottle ? many thanks

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