Winter Is Coming Herbal Gift Set


A lovely gift set of small batch artisan products from Dorset. Everything you need for a period of isolation.

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A bumper pack of natural herbal products hand made here in Swanage. A lovely gift to send someone in isolation. Use the soap, sanitiser, hand cream and the echinacea&elderberry syrup to try to avoid infection and boost immunity.

Then if you have any concern that you have a viral infection start using the Gypsy Cold Cure Tea (add lemon, ginger, honey if you have it) to support your body’s immune response (I don’t think it’s good to take paracetamol too soon as you really want that temperature rise to get your immune system up and running, a fever is your body’s way of fighting an infection and should be supported unless the body becomes too weak and the temperature too high).

Then if the chest becomes affected move to the herbal chest rub, the cough be off tea and the thyme and liquorice syrup (keep taking the echinacea and elderberry as well).

1 Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser

1 pack of Gypsy Cold Cure Tea (classic cold fighting combo of Elderflower, Yarrow and Peppermint)

1 * 100ml bottle of Echinacea & Elderberry Syrup

1 * 100ml bottle of Thyme & Liquorice Syrup

1 pack of Cough Be Off Tea (all my lung herbs in a soothing mix – Hyssop, Mullein, Marshmallow, Liquorice, Fennel)

1 * 100ml spray bottle of 4 Thieves Vinegar for general disinfecting

1 Rose & Frankincense Hand Cream to counter the effects of all that hand washing (I also have Lemon & Marigold, Elderflower & Mint just request the version you prefer at time of ordering).

1 Elderflower & Mint Vegan Lip Balm

1 Nettle, Tea Tree and Rosemary Soap

1 Herbal Chest Rub 30ml (ask for Vegan if you prefer it)

1 Dream On Tea to help with sleep if the worry of it all is affecting you

1 Chill Out Tea to aid with relaxation

1 stainless steel tea ball diffuser (not shown in picture)


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