Winter Defence Kit


1st line of defence

An echinacea and elderberry syrup to ward off winter viral infections.

An elderflower, peppermint and yarrow tea to take at first sign of a virus.

2nd line of defence

A thyme and liquorice cough syrup

A marshmallow, ribwort, mint and mullein tea to ease a cough.

A herbal balm to rub into the chest or the soles of the feet contains marshmallow, thyme, mullein and plantain infused oil with eucalyptus, cedar, thyme, clary sage, ylang ylang essential oils.


A stainless steel tea diffuser.

Just add your own lemon and honey and rest up.

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Echinacea and Elderberry Syrup 50ml

Thyme and Liquorice Syrup 50ml

Gypsy Cold Cure Tea 25g

Cough Be Off Tea 25g

Herbal Chest Rub 30ml

Stainless Steel Tea Diffuser



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