Bless You Tea

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Toning and healing overworked mucous membranes and sinuses. Use for allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, hay fever. 40g

Nettle, Ribwort, Eyebright, Ground Ivy, Marigold, Peppermint 40g

I include Nettle for its anti histamine and anti inflammatory properties. It’s also highly nutritious and at any time when your immune system is over active it’s good to ensure you’re getting plenty of nutrients. There is also Eyebright to help tone and soothe those delicate eye membranes and Ground Ivy to help clear and move the mucus. Peppermint to open the airways and as an anti viral to ward off opportunistic invaders. Ribwort for longer term toning and strengthening of the mucus membranes. And last but not least some Marigold flowers for their anti inflammatory action.


Note that if you suffer from hay fever you can make a very big difference by simply preventing the pollen from getting to your mucous membranes. So always wear sunglasses when you go out and smear The Purbeck Apothecary Anti Allergy Barrier Balm around the entrance of your nostrils to trap pollen. If possible, shower or change when you get in and launder your clothing to remove pollen.  This tea works best when used consistently. I fill a water bottle with it when I venture out during hay fever season and swig regularly.  I developed it for my own use as I really dislike the over the counter hay fever tablets which I was having to use previously as they make me drowsy.


2 reviews for Bless You Tea

  1. Jane Gladding

    I have had sinus/rhinitis problems for several years and always have a stuffy nose. Since my consultation and taking tincture plus follow up use of ‘bless you tea’ 2 x a day, my nose and sinus have remained clear. It’s great to be able to breathe freely once again! Thank you😊

  2. Chloe

    Hay fever tablets are a thing of the past thanks to this tea. It has made getting through my day so much easier now that I don’t have a runny nose all of the time. It is extremely effective and I would definitively recommend. It also tastes delicious.

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