Bath Herbs

There is a long tradition in herbal medicine of different types of herb baths. Foot baths, hand baths, eye baths, sitz or hip baths and full body baths are all suitable.
Maurice Messegue was one of the pioneers of herbal medicine in France and inherited a rich tradition of plant treatment from his family. One of his signature treatments was the foot bath.
Foot baths were a popular remedy in the UK also judging by all the Victorian and Edwardian porcelain foot baths for sale on ebay.
The sitz bath is ideal for herbal treatments to the pelvic region. Very suitable for post natal healing baths.
For very frail people hand baths can be a comforting way to get herbs into their systems. A lavender and chamomile hand bath for example to aid relaxation. Many herbs are well absorbed in this way.
I like to combine epsom or dead sea salts with a big handful of herbs in a diffuser. I run the bath with hot water only and add the herbs to infuse for a good 10 to 20 minutes before I get in.
In this section you will also find muslin cotton bags and stainless steel diffusers to hold the herbs and avoid clogging the plug hole but you may also use an old sock or stocking to hold the herbs. Just make sure you tie tightly.

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