Bright Eyes Tea


Traditional eye healing herbs Eyebright and Marigold. 40g.

Eyebright and Marigold Tea for drinking or for making a soothing eye bath.

Calendula officinalis or Marigold is called ‘Souci’ in France which means ‘care’. It is the herbalist’s choice in so many situations. It’s a powerful skin herb and anti inflammatory and was prescribed by the famous 16th Century Italian medic, Mattioli for ophthalmitis, conjunctivitis and other eye inflammations.

Likewise Euphrasia officinalis or eyebright has been traditionally used for centuries to help with inflammatory eye complaints.

To make an eye bath simply add 1 tbsp of the herbs to 0.5 litres of boiling water and simmer for 15 minutes. Allow to cool then strain and use as a soothing eye bath.

40g in compostable packaging.


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