Love Hearts Tea


Lime flower, Hawthorn, Yarrow, Olive, Alfafa 40g

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Hawthorn, Limeflower, Olive, Yarrow and Alfalfa.

Hawthorn is known as the Nurse of the Heart. It is a wonderful gentle remedy to strengthen and support the heart muscle.

Limeflower is a circulatory relaxant and tastes sublime.

Olive leaf is known to safely lower hgh blood pressure and cholesterol.

Yarrow is an ancient protective herb with anti inflammatory and anti blood clotting properties.

Alfalfa is one of the most nutritious plants on the planet. It’s name comes from the Arabic language and translates as ‘father of all foods’. It lowers cholesterol and reduces plaque build up on artery walls.

This blend is formulated to tone and strengthen the cardiovascular system and lower high blood pressure. 40g.

Important disclaimer: please see your doctor or a qualified medical herbalist if you have any health concerns.




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