Organic Hibiscus Tea


40g loose hibiscus flowers in compostable packaging

Hibiscus flower tea is a fruity and slightly sour tasting tea. It’s astringent and cooling so great to drink in hot weather. It is high in vitamin C and has lots of anthocyanidins/anthocyanins which are the purple, blue and red pigments in berries and red cabbage and other dark red or purple fruit and veg. These compounds also occur in smaller amounts in leaves and have anti metastatic and cancer cell killing properties as well as being anti inflammatory, antioxidant and venotonic. It’s a great tea to drink if you suffer with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or if you have heavy painful periods. It may also help your night vision. It also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac so is one of the ingredients in  ‘Get It On’ tea.

40g loose hibiscus flowers in compostable packaging


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