19th Century Cough Syrup

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A 50ml amber glass bottle of a 19th Century formula cough syrup containing a large number of highly effective lung herbs.

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An amazing formulation. Very strong and powerful cough syrup formulated in Edinburgh in 1860.  50ml in an amber glass bottle.

Sambucus nigra flos,
Althaea officinalis radix & fol,
Thymus vulgaris,
Asclepius tuberosa,
Chondrus crispus,
Zingiber officinalis,
Capsicum frutescens,
Tussilago farfara flos,
Marrubium vulgare,
Prunus serotina,
Grindelia robusta,
Lobelia inflata,
Sanguinaria canadensis,
Glycyrrhiza glabra succus,
Polygala senega,
Balsam Peru,
Rheum officinale,
sugar syrup


1 review for 19th Century Cough Syrup

  1. Lisa

    This syrup is fantastic, it packs a bit of a punch but did absolute wonders for my cough. Thank you, I can’t wait to try your other products.

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